Sophie Ann Glaser
General Information
  • Female
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Exsanguination from slit throat
Killed By
  • Student
Relationship Information
Significant Others
Sophie Ann Glaser was the wife of Patrick Glaser and the mother of Melissa Glaser. She perished in the Boatyard Fire sixteen years ago and was killed by a group of Witch Hunters.

Sophie Ann was a member of the Glaser Family.

Early Life

During her teens (or early twenties), Sophie Ann married Patrick Glaser and had one daughter. She was also involved in a circle of witches that included members from the Armstrong Family, Blake Family, Balcoin/Blackwell Family, Chamberlain Family, Conant Family, and Meade Family.

In Curse, John Blackwell mentions that she was a kind witch and they were very close. She taught him about the different medicinal herbs that grew in the forest in Chance Harbor. She was clearly an expert herbologist. John also relays to Melissa, that she loved her very much.

On the night of the Boatyard Fire, Sophie Ann went to the boat to discuss a truce between the circle and a group of Witch Hunters. Richard Armstrong mentions that she is already in the meeting room, along with Thomas Chamberlain. When Sara Armstrong enters the meeting room immediately after the death of her husband, she sees numerous bodies, indicating that both Sophie Ann and Thomas had likely died before Richard was attacked.

Because her husband survived but was not seen with Ethan Conant or mentioned to be on the boat deck with Dawn Chamberlain and Charles Meade, it is likely that he was one of only two circle members not on the boat that night.

Physical appearance

As there were several dead witches shown in Witness, but Sophie Ann was only mentioned by name, her appearance is unknown at this point.

Personality and traits

"You know, a coffee grinder would be a lot faster."
"Very creative... like your mother."
— John Blackwell comparing Melissa to her mother, Sophie Ann, while making a potion together.

Sophie Ann Glaser was a very intelligent, exceptionally kind-hearted and talented witch as described by seemingly close friend, John Blackwell. Sophie Ann was also described as diligent, having a knack for potions and plants, all traits which she passed down to her daughter, Melissa. She was also brave, as she was one of the brave members of her circle that went to the Boatyard (arriving with Thomas Chamberlain) and tried to make peace with the Witch Hunters by calling a truce with them. Blackwell also claimed that she loved her daughter very much and that Melissa meant the world to her.


Season One

Notes and Trivia

  • It is likely that she arrived on the boat with Thomas Chamberlain, indicating that they may have been friends.
  • Her husband is the only circle member to remarry.
  • It is unknown if either of her parents currently or previously was an Elder, as it is unknown if the grandmother of Melissa we heard of is her mother or Patrick's.
  • Sophie Ann was very much like similar to both her daughter and her daughter's deceased boyfriend, Nick Armstrong, being that she held high gifts and skills in the uses of mundane and magical plants and fungi and was very inventive when it came to using them.
  • Unlike many of their other coven mates, Sophie Ann was close to John Blackwell. The two would even spend hours at a time in the woods of the forest near the Abandoned House where the coven would meet. She even taught him most of his knowledge of the plants of the forest - showing him their properties and how to use them.
  • Sophie Ann was amongst the first to die the night of the Boatyard Fire along with Thomas Chamberlain, Catherine Conant, and Elizabeth Meade.
  • Andrew Miller indicated that Sophie Ann and Patrick Glaser were in fact married at the time of her death, indicating they may be slightly older than Elizabeth Meade and Amelia Blake who were both in High School at the time of the Boatyard Fire.
    • In the same tweet, Andrew Miller indicated that Patrick Glaser and who Sophie Ann was will play an important part in season two.
      Sophie Ann

      A tweet from Andrew Miller indicating that Sophie Ann may be included in the plot for season 2.

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