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Stepfanie Kramer
General Information
Full Name

Stephanie Kramer

Birth Date

August 6, 1956

Birth Place

Los Angeles, California, USA


Kate Meade


Season 1

Stepfanie Kramer is an American actress, writer, and singer/songwriter who plays Diana's grandmother, Kate Meade in The Secret Circle. Kramer has not been seen on the screen since 2006 where she last portrayed Kate Dorsey in Cutting Edge 2: Going For The Gold.She has turned down numerous opportunities in television until The Secret Circle and the character of Kate Meade.When asked what made this role different from all the others she'd passed on in this interview . She replied "To play this type of woman is really fun as an actress. I really do enjoy the process and there's something about getting down into the skin of somebody who operates the way she operates that's enjoyable.”


Stepfanie was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is part Native American from her mother's side. Her father was a classically-trained violinist and her mother a high-fashion model as well as an artist.

She is probably best known for her role as the tough-minded detective, Sgt. Dee Dee McCall, on the NBC TV series Hunter. In addition to Hunter, she has had guest starring and recurring roles on a variety of other televisions series and has starred in a multitude of movies as well.

She has been nominated for an Emmy in Special Class Programming and won the Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress Award, honored by the First Americans in the Arts organization in 1995, 2002, and 2003. She was voted one of the most beautiful women in television in 1988, through a national TV Guide poll of viewers. Kramer has written and directed for television, and is also a singer/songwriter as well as an accomplished artist.

Personal life

On May 24, 1992, Kramer married Mark Richards. The couple divorced in February, 2001. Together they have a daughter, Lily Claire Richards, born in 1994. Since the divorce, Kramer and her daughter have relocated to California. According to Stepfanie's official website, her daughter is the greatest production she has ever been involved in.

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