Melissa Glaser using technopathy.


The witch using this ability is capable of using magic to affect or manipulate technology usually shown as turning something on or off. This is achieved because this is an offset of the the witch's broader power of magic and while using magic the witch can control or affect objects by willing it to happen. The witch can't use this power to will the machine to rearrange itself to become something new with this power but they can will it to start or stop the function it was created to preform. Such as when Melissa Glaser willed the radio behind her to turn on and play her favorite song, by snapping her fingers, in the last scene of the tv series or when Cassie willed the lights in the football field to come on will she was chasing Ethan Conant .                                                                                      


The witch can control the flow of intricate machinery and can allow them to operate most technology just by the desire. With this power a witch can manipulate technology such as computers, machinery  and other devices.

Hacking-The act of using magic to bypass the security used for technology. 

Data deletion-The act of erasing all data from technology.

Activation-The of making a machine begin it's intended task. 

Deactivation-The act making a machine stop or end it's intended task

Scanning-Using magic to trifle through a piece of technology's data for certain information.

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