The Blake House is the house where Cassie Blake and her grandmother, Jane Blake, currently live. Amelia Blake, Cassie's mother, lived in it until she fled from Chance Harbor with Cassie after the boatyard incident.

Season One

A few events took place in the Blake house. Cassie was attacked by a witch hunter in her House and kidnapped by other witch hunters. In Masked Cassie organised a halloween party in her house while her grandmother was gone.

In "Crystal" It was also the place where Jane Blake was killed.

The Blake House is number 321. It is unkown on which street it is located. It is next to the Armstrong house.



  • The real house was featured in an episode of the Television series "X-Files".  Filming took place in both the interior and exterior. A including a Police raid.  
Blake House
General Information

Home of Cassie Blake


321 (the house number)


Chance Harbor

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