The Original Coven are a powerful Circle of witches from Salem that founded the town of New Salem. Their remaining descendants make up the current generation of the Circle.


Salem Witch Trials

The Original Coven was originally settled in New Salem, but when the Salem Witch Trials began, they were forced to relocate to protect themselves. It is implied that Black John was the one who began the witch hysteria in order to lead the coven out of Salem and begin his plan to form a powerful Circle under his tutelage.

Founding of New Salem and Black John's Death

Somehow, the coven relocated to an island that they founded as the town of New Salem, alongside the human helpers that came with them and the Outsiders allowed to settle on the island.

At some point, the coven discovered Black John was using the Master Tools for evil. They hid away the Diadem, the Bracelet, and the Garter within a fireplace at Number 12, Crowhaven Road, but the Crystal Skull was already far too corrupted and hidden by Black John on an island off the coast of Cape Cod.

When news reached the coven of Black John's death at sea, they were happy to be free of his evil influence. However, the coven appeared to be aware that Black John would return, a fact that becomes true centuries later when their descendants form a new Circle.



  • Despite their title, the Original Coven is not the first Circle in existence, nor are they the first witches.

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