Event Information

School dance


Chance Harbor High School

The Prom at Chance Harbor High School takes place in the episode of the same title, Prom.


The circle arrives at prom. Diana and Cassie go back in the past and see their mothers. Amelia tries to warn Elizabeth not to go to the ferry and that she knows about Diana being the Other Blackwell and warns her to get out of Chance Harbor with her family . Elizabeth refuses as she sees making a peace treaty with the Witch-Hunters will protect them. Amelia then goes and sees James Conant telling him she's leaving Chance Harbor with her daughter and he tells trusting the witch-hunters is reckless. Also she tells him to tell Ethan she doesn't love him even though she does, but is putting her daughter first instead of her own needs. Meanwhile at the prom Melissa tells Adam that she wishes to be at prom instead of chasing deminic killers.Faye then tells Jake she wants to dance with him. After they come back, Diana starts to blame Cassie that its her fault that she brought Blackwell back into their lives and that its his fault that her mother is dead. Cassie tells Adam and Melissa where the crystal is but Nick overheard where it is and tries to get it before the others.Adam finds the crystal before Nick but Nick attacks Adam and takes the crystal with him.

While Diana and Cassie were in the past, Melissa and Adam shared a dance also Jake and Faye shared a dance and later started making out. Before they chased after Nick.

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