To Hold Evil Harmless is an entry in Cassie Blake and Diana Meade's Books of Shadows about purifying evil objects using earth.


The Captive

Blackmailed by Faye Chamberlain into stealing the crystal skull from Diana, Cassie stays over at her house and finds To Hold Evil Harmless in Diana's Book of Shadows. Later that night, Cassie has a dream about her ancestress Jacinth reading the very same entry in her Book of Shadows.

The Power


Bury the evil object in good moist loam or sand, well covered. The healing power of the Earth will battle with the poison, and if the object be not too corrupt, it will be purified.


  • In the TV series, Kate Meade attempted something similar by burying Cassie alive in the Earth to rid her of dark magic. However, Cassie was able to free herself, and Kate later admitted that the ritual was just to test Cassie's power.

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