Cassie: I still don't get it.
Melanie: I think it means that as witches we can call on nature, on the things that are good, to fight evil.
Cassie: Yes, but how do we call on them? And what do they do when we do it?
Cassie Blake and Melanie Glaser discussing To Turn Aside Evil [src]

To Turn Aside Evil is an entry in Cassie Blake and Diana Meade's Book of Shadows about calling upon the forces of Nature to fight evil.


The Captive

The Power


Invoke the power which is yours alone, calling upon the elements or those features of the natural world which lie closest to your heart. These powers have you over all that is evil: powers of sun and moon and stars, and of everything belonging to the earth.


The Circle used a spell based on To Turn Aside Evil when confronting Black John. However, since the spell invokes the witch's personal element, it varies from caster to caster, and is most likely adapted to suit the witch.

Cassie: Power of moon have I over thee. Power of sun have I other thee.

Diana: Power of stars have I over thee. Power of planets have I over thee.

Adam: Power of tides have I over thee. Power of rain have I over thee.

Deborah: Power of wind have I over thee.

Nick: Power of ice have I over thee.

Laurel: Power of leaf have I over thee. Power of root have I over thee.

Melanie: Power of rock have I over thee.

Doug: Power of thunder have I over thee.

Chris: Power of lightning have I over thee.

Suzan: Power of dew have I over thee.

Sean: Power of blood have I over thee!

Faye: Power of fire have I over thee! Power of darkness have I over thee. Power of night have I over thee!


  • The natural elements mentioned in the entry (sun, moon, and stars) are invoked by Cassie and Diana.

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