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The Secret Circle Season 2 Episode 1: Arrival

Cassie was walking around her house, not knowing what to do. She was thinking about her dad and how he had tried to kill everyone she loved. The door bell rang and she ran too the door. She opened it to see three boys and one girl.

Cassie: Yes?

Boy #1: Are you Cassie Blake?

Cassie: Yeah. Who are you

The boy raised his hand, showing the Blackwell symbol.

Boy #1: We're your siblings

Da da da da da, da da da da da, da da da da da da

The Secret Circle

Starring: Cassie Blake

Adam Conant

Diana Meade

Faye Chamberlain

Melissa Glaser

Jake Armstrong

Dawn Chamberlain

Ginny Blackwell

Tanner Blackwell

Edward Blackwell

Richard Blackwell


Grant’s car pulled up into a small town.

Grant: Want some breakfast?

Diana: Sure. Where are we?

Grant: It’s a small town called Atlantic Highlands. There are some people I want you to meet

(Chance Harbor)

Adam sat in the back room of his father’s cellar, absorbing power from the crystal skull. He inhaled as he felt the power strengthen him. He turned around and used his magic to throw all the beer bottles into the wall. He smiled at his power, and left the cellar. As he is walking away, he gets a text message from Cassie that reads: Come 2 my house rite now

(Cassie’s house)

Cassie: Why are you here?

Boy #1: We are here to see our father. I’m Tanner by the way.

The rest of the Blackwells introduced themselves as Ginny, Edward, and Richard.

Cassie: Um, our father is dead.

Ginny: DEAD?!?! WHEN, HOW?!?!

Cassie: He tried to kill my circle, so my sister and I killed him

Tanner: Dammit, he told us to come here when the time was right. He said he would help us create a circle of Blackwell children.

Cassie: I know. That’s why he wanted to kill my circle.

(Downtown Chance Harbor)

As the sun started going down, Faye and Melissa were walking through town, causing street lights to explode and car doors to open.

Melissa: Should we really be doing this so openly

Faye: Don’t be such a baby. Why not have fun with our magic.

Both of their phones started buzzing. They both opened their phones to read Cassie’s text.

Melissa: We should go.

Faye: Why should we go help out miss drama queen?

(Cassie’s house)

The Blackwells came into Cassie’s house and sat on the couch. Cassie went to go talk to them when there was a knock on the door. She opened the door to see Adam.

Adam: What happened?

Cassie: Um, meet my brothers and sister.

Ginny: I like him. A bit of dark magic too.

Cassie: What is she talking about?

Adam: I don’t know.

Ginny: Don’t try and hide it. I can sense dark magic all over you.

Cassie: Did you keep the crystal skull?!?

Adam: I had too. Its power was… so amazing

Cassie’s eyes went dark and Adam was flung into the wall.


A chair went flying across the room and hit Adam. Ginny pushed Cassie back and yelled at her to stop. Cassie pushed Ginny back into a wall. She turned to Adam and started to choke him.

(Royce’s house)

Jake was sitting down at his grandfather’s house, talking about other circles when his phone rang. He checked it and saw Cassie’s text.

Royce: It could be the Blackwell children.

Jake: I highly doubt that.

Royce: I’m going with you just in case

(Cassie’s house)

Ginny pushes Cassie into a wall. Cassie gets up and uses her power to make Ginny fly into the door. Jake, who was nearing the house, runs as fast as he can. He sees Cassie choking Adam and yells at her.

Cassie: He used the crystal skull. I trusted him.

Jake: You are being insane. Stop and let him go.

Cassie’s siblings were sitting watching with great interest.

Jake: Who the hell are you and why are you not helping?

Tanner: We are her brothers and we want to see her power.

Royce came barging in, and used his magic to throw Cassie back. He turned and looked at the Blackwell children and his face turned to shock.

(Atlantic Highlands)

Diana and Grant pulled up to a brown house. Grant knocked on the door and a redheaded girl answered. Grant and Diana entered the house.

Diana: Whose house is this?

Grant: This is a friend of mine’s house. She is part of my circle

Da da da da da, da da da da da, da da da da da da

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