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Kaybub May 4, 2012 User blog:Kaybub

Wow, what an episode?!

- John Blackwell, well I don't even know what to say about him. I kinda want to hit him!

- Melissa; my gosh her acting was amazing, I got all teary when she was trying to help Nick

- Nick - I was so excited to see him back and Louis played his part really well also, but there wasn't really much of a story line left for him. When he handed the crystal over to Eben he didn't have the demon in him (otherwise he couldn't have gotten the crystal) and as he said he was dying, he can't live without it. I will miss him and I think the writers should've given him more scenes with Jake but yeah

- JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYE I SHIP THEM! NAWH NAWH NAWH when he was saying sorry about the whole Prom thing and I'm just sitting there fangirling :')

- Diana, I've never felt more sorry for her. That whole Cassie/Diana scene after the flashback was really good, Diana's whole world is falling apart now.

- Cassie. I feel sorry for her too, she wasn't meaning to hurt the circle and now all of a sudden everything is being blamed on her just like it was her mother.

It was a pretty sweet episode though!

I'm pretty scared for the season finale. I'm worried about them unbinding the circle because they seem to be going all crazy and stuff, like Cassie hurting Diana and Adam hurting Jake and

I'll add the screencaps too when they're posted :D



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