Wilson's Antique Shop is a shop full of antiques and witchcrafts located at Chance Harbor, Washington.


This shop is owned by Calvin Wilson, but because of his missing Calvin's niece is taking over the shop. This is also one of the destination Faye and Cassie went to get their Halloween's decoration in episode Masked and where Adam, Cassie, Jake and John Blackwell got their ingredients for the Elixir in episode Curse. Cassie states in Masked that the shop is located by the boardwalk.

Season One

In Masked, Faye and Cassie went shopping here for Halloween; meeting Luke during the shopping which Cassie asked him to be her partner/date at the Halloween Party. In the same day Cassie found a mysterious object while accidentally looking under a small table and decided to go to Calvin because he is an experience witch with more informations that can help her. When Jake knew that Cassie is going to Calvin's shop he made a spell to cause her car's engine to be damage. He went there first and threaten Calvin not to answer anything Cassie asked or else he will kill Calvin with a Witch Cruid. Cassie then finally arrived at the shop, but was unlucky to get any answer from Calvin, but when she remember the objects she saw at the showcase when she first arrived, she knocked a jar down and make Calvin went inside to pick the broom out While Calvin was inside she took a picture of the object in the showcase and flee.

In Curse, John Blackwell created a fake curse on Cassie and Adam- if any Conant or Blake make love together then one of the member in the circle will be punish or die. Jake is the victim in which his skin was now covered with black veins and seems to be sweating extremely, he also had hallucination of the person he killed, Calvin after and when he was in Calvin's Antique Shop. Blackwell, Adam, Cassie and Jake was here to buy some ingredients for the Elixir. This is also the first appearance of Calvin's niece with an unknown name. She proves to be a skilled witch when she notices Jake's symptom and indentify out ingredients of the Elixir.


Wilson's Antique Shop
General Information

Antiques & Witchcraft Shop


By the Boardwalk


Chance Harbor

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