Witch Cruid is a mystical object used throughout ceremonial rituals intended to kill witches. Cruids ensure that upon death, a witch's magic will not pass onto members of their circle but instead "die" with them.

Season One

After paying a surprise visit to Calvin Wilson, Jake Armstrong threatens Calvin not to warn Cassie Blake about Witch-Hunters, or else Jake would kill him. Later during Halloween, Jake finally uses the Witch Cruid to kill Calvin, after he attempts to warn Cassie about her family's lineage. In the episode Crystal Jane attempted to kill John Blackwell with a Witch Cruid but was killed because years before John Blackwell knew that she tried to kill him so he swapped it with her resulting in her sudden death.


The cruid itself is a small glass jar, for it to be useful it must be spelled by a witch.
1. Add mandrake root.
2. Spell the cruid, by holding a lit match over the cruid. Then recite the words: "let light rise out of darkness".
3. Add blood of the victim.
4. Add a personal object of the victim, to absorb said witches' energy.
5. Drop a lit match in the cruid, and the witch will die.



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