"You hate my kind, well I hate yours. The True Believers are so blinded with hate and sure of their righteousness that they're frothing at the mouth to kill".
— Jake to Simone. [src]

Witch Hunters

A Witch Hunter is a mortal being apart of an ancient religious society, who seek
A society of witch hunters symbol
to discover, expose, and ultimately kill all Witches within the world.

The True Believers

The True Believers are a sub-group of dedicated Witch Hunters, who have recently come to Chance Harbor, Washington to destroy the Chance Harbor Circle. Unlike most Witch Hunters, the True Believers are willing to recruit a witch to infiltrate Circles, and also to cast spells that can weaken the power of other witches.

Known Witch Hunters

  • Jake Armstrong (formerly)
  • Simone (deceased)
  • Ian (deceased)
  • Luke (deceased)
  • Isaac (deceased)
  • Eben (deceased)
  • Samuel (deceased)
  • Four unknown Witch Hunters (deceased)
  • Two unknown Witch Hunters (deceased)
  • one unknown Witch Hunter (possibly deceased)